First Vacuum Water Shuttle
Kenneth Becker - New Pittsburg VFD
New Pittsburg, Ohio

To date the only known total vacuum water shuttle conducted by the New Pittsburg, Ohio Fire Department. Using a 5 year old 1500 gallon Firovac tanker mounted on a 1971 IH 1700 Loadstar chassis and a 2000 gallon Firovac tanker mounted on a 1989 Ford LN 8000 chassis, a simulated ISO test was conducted 9/30/1989. According to the calculations of Mr. Jim Schriver TNI for Wooster Township Fire Department, these two tankers, on a two mile water shuttle maintained a 475 gallon per minute sustained flow rate. A rate of 500 gpm was achieved but not sustained. This was accomplished by the two tankers with no support vehicles. We are quite sure this is an industry first. Calculations Follow:

350 GPM  flow @ 11:17 - 11:27AM

380 GPM flow @ 11:27 - 11:37AM

410 GPM flow @ 11:37 - 11:47AM

445 GPM flow @ 11:47 - 11:57AM

475 GPM flow @ 11:57AM - 12:07PM

500 GPM flow @ 12:07 - 12:12PM