Upcoming Events for 2023!

June 9-11, 2023 - Sevier County Fire Chiefs Association Smoky Mountain Weekend

July 23, 2023 - TEEX Texas Annual School Vendor Shows

August 9-12, 2023 - West Virginia State Firemen's Association Convention

September 25-29, 2023 - Firehouse Expo (Columbus,... Read More

Important to Pre-Plan

It is always important to Pre-Plan, Run Drills, and Work Together within the Department and with Mutual Departments but when a large exposure is in a non-hydrant area, it is critically important.




This Drill was well planned and executed by TAC of the Ohio Fire Chief's Association led by Jim Delman. Maps were presented, a command post and several dump sites... Read More

Pumper and Aerial simulating water application
Dump Site 1 & 2 - 04.25.23

A pumper and aerial simulate applying water to the fire. Water is supplied by tankers dumping into 5 drop tanks.




Water supply officers directing which tank to dump into.  Also directing effecient tankers based on side/rear dump valves and/or vacuum,

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Portable Pumps supply Drop Tanks for Vac Tankers
Vacuum Load Site - 04.25.23

Although vacuum units could have loaded through their own 6" suction hoses, in order to "work within the present system" (or "fit in") 4 portable pumps (250gpm each) transfered water from the lake into several drop tanks

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Drafting from shallow water
Shallow Water - 11.02.22

When the static water is low and cluttered with leaves, do you drive past to better water sources even if it means driving a further distance?  With a properly equipped vacuum unit, this source can be used not only because it drafts by vacuum where air leaks are not a problem but the strainer can handle low water as well as floating in high water. The strainer is also designed to eliminate... Read More

Extending Life
Upgrade - 10.17.22

2022 Upgrade IH 7400 with 3500 gallon vacuum tank delivered July 2015

Changed rear ratio on chassis to improve... Read More


Kudos to Lee Adams, Chief Jon Adams, Russia Fire department, the Ohio Tanker Task Force and all others involved in a Region 3 water supply exercise March 20, 2022. It was well planned, and valuable information resulted. Some... Read More

Before - 03.01.22

Breath new life into a faltering unit.  Often a fire department truck will have low mileage, but the tank has seen its better days. ... Read More

After - 03.01.22

Replace your leaking tank with a interior coated polished aluminum tank with 15 year non-prorated warranty, complete vacuum system, 3 air operated water valves and 48’ of 6” suction hose as this Department did.

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Water supply via "Suck and Dump"
Suck and Dump - 10.18.21

At a mutual aide recently, we supplied water from a static water source the pumper could not access. We drafted "sucked" from a hard to reach creek using a long hose lay and supplied the pumper "dumped" with 2 three inch lines. Dave Ferbee

The picture here shows another "suck and dump" senario. The pumper could not cross the small bridge. The vacuum tanker "sucked" from the creek  and "... Read More