New life for tanker/tender

New 2800 gallon interior coated polished aluminum water tank installed on existing 1996 International 4900 chassis with low mileage. The tank has a sump for future use if a fiire pump is desired. Added is a vacuum/pressure system providing more versatility and speed in supplying water, 3 air operated water valves with heat, Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with 2 portable tanks, four 6" quick couple 15' hoses, and several miscellaneous fittings.

This unit was brought up to current standards at a more cost effective price than a new unit at current prices.

Replacement Tank

This 1996 tanker had a stainless steel water tank that was leaking badly in spite of several attempts to repair it.With low milage on the chassis, the Department decided to replace the water tank.

Complicated loading

Complicated filling/loading. Lots of resources, equipment, personnel, set up, and tear down.

Easy vacuum loading

Uncomplicated fillling/loading. Less resurces, equipment, psersonnel, set up and tear down.

Add life to an existing unit
Extended life

Breath new life into a faltering unit.  Often a fire department truck will have low mileage, but the tank has seen its better days.  This non-vacuum stainless steel tank originally purchased in the 1990's on an International 4900 was severely leaking.  Many attempts to repair it were unsuccessful.  Instead of discarding the entire unit, the department decided to replace the tank and add new features. 

Tank replacement and additions
New life

The tank on this unit was replaced with a 2850-gallon interior coated polished aluminum tank with a 15 year non-prorated warranty.  Also added were a complete vacuum system, 3 air operated water valves and 48' of 6" suction hose and a power down portable tank bracket with 2 tanks.

Instead of discarding, consider reviving.

Power down portable tank bracket containing 2 drop tanks
Additional feature

An added feature is a power down portable tank bracket by Firovac that contains 2 portable tanks.  They are easily deployed because they are within reach and powers down 180 degrees so tanks do not have to be lifted up over a ridge. This is available only on firovac units because there is enough space to accommodate it.

Boone County WV fire

Three vacuum tankers from Morrisvale VFD working the Boone County fire.

Boone County WV fire

Van VFD vacuum tanker working at a large fire in Boone County, WV

Vacuum tankers
Cold weather vacuum apparatus, review
Charles Clark - Colerain Twp FD
Kingston, Ohio

To all of my Facebook friends who are firefighters:

As bitterly cold weather looms remember the capabilities of Colerain Twp. FD’s vacuum tanker:

The vacuum pump moves air not water-no water in regular fire pump to freeze up.  The truck carries 78 ft. of suction hose.

For alternative water sources just out of reach for regular fire trucks pumper/tanker 1912 can do the draft and dump set up to supply up to 450 GPM to the attack pumper. Respond to this post if you have any questions.

Rafe Britton asked:  It carries how much water ? Charles Clark Answered:  Rafe Britton,  3,000 gallons

Robert Kirkbride responded:  That sucks!

Charles Clark replied:  It sure does suck! It has primed 123 ft of 6 inch hose in 26 seconds. Compare that to over 2 min to Prime 100 ft. Of 6 inch suction with a standard fire pump with a new automatic air primer.