New Deliveries


The vacuum system features a flush system for pump cleaning, shelf over the vacuum pump, controls in the cab, 3 air operated water valves, Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with flag decal, 48' of 6" suction hose in integral hose compartment plus 2- 12' lengths in tray above the high side compartment.  In addition to a full high side compartment on the driver side, there is also a large floating strainer in a center rear compartment, and SCBA mid body compartments.  Ladders are stored above the Power Down portable tank bracket.  


We are proud to deliver the forth Firovac unit to Morrisvale VFD.   This unit has a 1500 gallon polished aluminum tank with interior coating and anode protection.  The 1500GPM fire pump features an automatic air primer, two 6" suction inlets, one 2.5" suction inlet , Deck Gun with riser and remote control, Foam system with electric foam tank refill, two dry Hose Reels per Department request. All Firovac units have "pump and roll" capabilities for field, grass, ditch and wild land fire suppression.

New Delivery

Hawk QP model unit for also features "pump and roll" capabilities for field, grass or ditch fire suppression along with 3 air operated water valves, transverse rear compartment, automatic tire chains, Power Portable Tank Bracket containing 2 drop tanks and vinyl cover.

2600 gallon polished aluminum vacuum tank with vacuum system, Darley 1250 fire pump,on International HV613 chassis.  Features full lower compartments including transverse rear compartment and small high side compartment for additional storage and and additional hose tray.

Additional Chesterfield features are 3 air operated 6" valves, 48' of suction hose, Power Portable Tank Bracket containing 2-3000 gallon portable tanks, ladder over Power Portable tank bracket easily accessible when bracket is lowered.

Western Holmes in Lakeville, Ohio was just delivered a brand new 2600 Gallon Hawk model Firovac tanker. The unit sports 3 Air Operated Water Valves, a Firovac Power Down Portable Tank Bracket With 2 Drop Tanks, a short high-side compartment, a 1000 GPM Darley fire pump, and a polished aluminum tank. Call or email Firovac to get a tanker suited to your department’s needs! 

Apple Creek, Ohio has been delivered a Firovac 2600 gallon Hawk. The chassis is a Western Star 4700SF. The unit comes with full High Side Compartment with roll up doors on one side and Power Portable Tank Bracket with two 3000 gallon drop tanks on the other side as well as transverse rear compartment, SCBA bottle/wheel chock compartment.    

Van, West Virginia has been delivered a Firovac 2600 gallon Hawk QP with 1000 GPM Darley pump on September 6, 2019.  The unit comes with an extended cab, 3 air operated water valves, high side hose storage and channel board for tool mounting, Power Portable Tank Bracket with American flag decal and two drop tanks.

Hauser Lake Fire Protection District in Idaho has been delivered a modified Firovac Hawk QP unit all built on a military M1088 chassis. Powered by a CAT C7 330-hp engine and an Allison MD3070 transmission this unit fights fires with a Hydraulic driven Darley HM500 GPM Unibody fire pump and Model 500 Vacuum pump with Pump and Roll. A 2000-gallon aluminum tank, a power down portable bracket containing a 2100-gallon drop tank and four sections of 6” quick couple hose, there are plenty of resources for firefighting needs. Also sports an Akron “Fire Fox Forestry”, style 3462, Bumper Turret, hose reel, and manual pull down tool board for easy access to equipment.

Also featured on this Worthington, Ma vacuum unit to enhance present water supply is: 3 Air operated water valves. The transverse rear, additional small high side, and SCBA/wheel chock compartments are a convenient addition on this truck. It also has a firovac power down poratable tank bracket with 2 drop tanks, which provides additonal versatility. 

Early in 2019 Worthington VFD in Massachusetts took delivery of a 3000 gallon Firovack Hawk QP model, on a FL 114SD chassis. It featured a 1000 gpm fire pump with two 6" suction inlets and one 3" suction inlet.

Demonstrator program

Charter Township of Springfield, Michigan took delivery of a second Firovac demonstrator model Hawk 3000 gallon with 1000 gpm Darley pump on September 27, 2018.  It has simular features as their first unit, 3 air operated water valves, short highter side compartment and Power Portable Tank Bracket with two drop tanks.

Marlboro Township Fire Deparment - Alliance, OH - RAVEN

On May 12, 2018 Marlboro Twp Fire Deparment took Delivery on a Firovac Raven Built on their own Department Provided Chassis, an International 4900. This Unit has a 2850 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank and a Firovac exclusive Double Power Swing Down Portable Tank Bracket in addition to several other options!

Thank you Marlboro Township! We Greatly Appreciate your Business!



On March 3, 2018 Ovid Middlebury Fire Deparment located in Ovid, Michigan made the trip down to Ohio to the Firovac facility to pick up their Tanker that they needed Re-Tanked.

On an International 7400 6x4 Chassis provided by the Department themselves, Firovac installed a 3000 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, a Firovac exclusive Double Power Swing Down Portable Tank Bracket to hold 3500 Gallon Portable Drop Tanks, 4 Feet of 15' Vacuum Suction Hose, Heat Patch Package, Ladder Brackets, and a Color Monitor and Camera System.


Thank you Ovid Middlebury Fire Department for your Business!


W.B. Strong Fire Company - Freeville, New York - HAWK QP

W.B. Strong Fire Company is another one of Firovac's loyal customers! In addition to their 1990 Firovac Hawk, they just recently took delivery on their new Firovac Unit on January 26, 2018. 

The newest Firovac addition is a Hawk QP with a 2,500 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank with a 500 GPM Unibody, Bumper Turret and several other Firovac exclusive options, on a Freightliner M2-106.

Thank you W.B. Strong Fire Company for your continued business!


Owego Fire District Southside - NY - EAGLE QP

The Town of Owego Fire District in New York contacted us when they were discussing replacing their Refurbished Unit. Years ago, Firovac Refurbished an old chassis for Owego - Southside's Department, by adding a 2,450 Steel Tank, an Aluminum Body that included Firovac High Sides. That Refurbished unit is still in service but now has a new home in the state of Wisconsin.

This time around, the Southside Station decided to go with a Freightliner M2-112 Chassis with a Firovac EAGLE QP Body, a 2,000 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, 1000 GPM Darley Pump, and many additional options including Pump & Roll that can be viewed by clicking on the Video Link!

Thank you Town of Owego Fire District and the Southside Station for your continued Business over the years!


Poca Volunteer Fire Department, WV - Hawk QP

On September 18, 2017 some members/representatives from the Poca Volunteer Fire Department traveled to Ohio to pick up their Firovac HAWK QP! This is Poca's very first Firovac Unit consisting of a 2,600 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank 500 GPM Unibody, along with numerous options on a Freightliner M2-112 Chassis.

Thank you Poca Volunteer Fire Department for your Business!


Chippewa Township Fire Department, OH - EAGLE QP

On July 10, 2017 we delivered to Chippewa Township Fire Department, Ohio a Firovac Eagle QP with a 2,000 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, 1500 GPM Darley Pump, along with numerous options on a Freightliner 108 Chassis. This is Chippewa Township's second Firovac Unit, they also have a Firovac Hawk!

Thank you Chippewa Township for your Business!


Dewittville Volunteer Fire Department, NY - HAWK

On June 12, 2017, Dewittville Fire Department in New York, took ownership of their first Firovac Unit! A Hawk model with a 3000 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank with many options on a Freightliner M2-112.


Thank you Dewittville Fire Department for your Business!


Pickerel Volunteer Fire Company - Pickerel, WI - RAVEN

In early 2017 Pickerel Volunteer Fire Deparment took Delivery on their first Firovac Unit. A Raven Model with a 2850 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, including one Manual Swing Down Portable Tank Bracket and one 3500 Gallon Portable Tank with Quick Dumps.

Thank you Pickerel VFC for your Business!