Vacuum tanker

Replaces a 1988 similar Firovac tanker. This one features a 2250 gallon polished aluminum tank, air operated water valves, Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with 2 portable tanks, 3 additional suction hoses beyone the 4 standard hoses (total 84'), Firovac floating strainer, heat patches for water and tank vent valves (total 5), performance guarantee. Freightliner 114SD chassis.

Vacuum tanker

A Hawk QP(fire  pump) model on an International HV607 has compartments in front of the rear wheels, one of which contains the vacuum/pressure pump. Cabinetry also includes a "short high side", rear transverse, SCBA bottle and internal integral hose storage areas.  48' of 6" suction hose is in the internal storage area and there is an additional LDH hose box.  The portable tank bracket contains 2 portable tanks with ladders on top which all swing down for easy access.  A 50" scene light is on each side of the tank at the top.

Williamstown, Ma choose a Hawk QP model 2600 gallon unit.  The water tank is polished aluminum with two 9# annode bars and specialized coating in the interior. There is a stationary Waterous 500 GPM fire pump and a Super Chief portable floating pump.   

Portable floating pump

Although Williamstown, MA had a 500 Waterous stationary fire pump on their vacuum tanker, they also requested a Super Chief with folding floats because of the many remote water sources in the area they serve.  The pumps are used to provide water to drop tanks located where water can be easily loaded from there.

Vacuum apparatus

International 4x4 with Firovac Hawk Model 2100 gallon, 750 fire pump, 3 air operated water valves, Firovac power down portable tank bracket with 2 drop tanks, bumper turret, foam system, "high side" LDH hose storage, 72' of suction hose, with pump and roll capabilities.  Features not available on any other manufacturers unit.

"Its miraculous" said the Chief when he saw their new vacuum truck load from a stream in his district.  In spite of the big air leak the truck was completely loaded.

Customized vacuum unit

This unit is loaded with features.  The Department supplied a Military M1088 chassis on which was built a 2000 gallon polished aluminum vacuum tank, 500 GPM fire pump, and vacuum pump which were both hydraulically driven.  As many compartments as possible were built from aluminum providing 50 square feet of storage.  Because the unit was so high off the ground, a power down bracket (described later) and pull down tool board was incorporated.  Three 6" air operated air valves were placed at the rear of the apparatus.

Not only is this a specialty unit in terms of chassis and features, it is special because of performance and versatility which all Firovac units have.

Pump and Roll

The forest moniter is a welcome addition to fight grass, brush, field and forest fires.  The unit can apply water up to 100 feet while traveling up to 40 MPH.

Hose reel on vacuum unit

More additional features include electric hose reel, SCBA/wheel chock compartment, high volume low level floating strainer in rear compartment, rear discharge and camera on top rear as well as over rear/side water valves.  This is a compact unit with 10 pounds of features in a 5 pound space.

Unique Feature

Firovac is the only manufacturer on the market that makes a power down portable tank bracket to hold 2 tanks.  In this case, per customers request, 4 sections of six inch suction hose10' long were placed on the back wall instead of a portable tank.  One 2100 gallon portable tank is placed in front.  Both items are within easy reach as well as easy to deploy.  There are also 2 ladder brackets on top of the portable tank to contain Department supplied ladders.  These 4 sections of hose are in addition to the 4 sections of six inch hose 10' long placed in the integral body hose compartments.  That is 80' of suction hose.

Lakeville Station

Drafting from the lake.  Hands on instruction in the use of the vacuum system.  1. Quick couple required sections of hose with strainer to reach water source.  2. From control in cab, set vacuum pump to "vacuum".  3. From control in cab, open appropriate water valve.  4.Watch water load at 1000-1500 GPM.  Draft not affected by air leak, debris or cold weather.

New Delivery

Western Holmes Fire District, Lakeville Station trying out their newly delivered truck.  Drafting from the lake with the vacuum system, discharging with the fire pump.


The vacuum system features a flush system for pump cleaning, shelf over the vacuum pump, controls in the cab, 3 air operated water valves, Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with flag decal, 48' of 6" suction hose in integral hose compartment plus 2- 12' lengths in tray above the high side compartment.  In addition to a full high side compartment on the driver side, there is also a large floating strainer in a center rear compartment, and SCBA mid body compartments.  Ladders are stored above the Power Down portable tank bracket.  


We are proud to deliver the forth Firovac unit to Morrisvale VFD.   This unit has a 1500 gallon polished aluminum tank with interior coating and anode protection.  The 1500GPM fire pump features an automatic air primer, two 6" suction inlets, one 2.5" suction inlet , Deck Gun with riser and remote control, Foam system with electric foam tank refill, two dry Hose Reels per Department request. All Firovac units have "pump and roll" capabilities for field, grass, ditch and wild land fire suppression.

New Delivery

Hawk QP model unit for also features "pump and roll" capabilities for field, grass or ditch fire suppression along with 3 air operated water valves, transverse rear compartment, automatic tire chains, Power Portable Tank Bracket containing 2 drop tanks and vinyl cover.

2600 gallon polished aluminum vacuum tank with vacuum system, Darley 1250 fire pump,on International HV613 chassis.  Features full lower compartments including transverse rear compartment and small high side compartment for additional storage and and additional hose tray.

Additional Chesterfield features are 3 air operated 6" valves, 48' of suction hose, Power Portable Tank Bracket containing 2-3000 gallon portable tanks, ladder over Power Portable tank bracket easily accessible when bracket is lowered.

Western Holmes in Lakeville, Ohio was just delivered a brand new 2600 Gallon Hawk model Firovac tanker. The unit sports 3 Air Operated Water Valves, a Firovac Power Down Portable Tank Bracket With 2 Drop Tanks, a short high-side compartment, a 1000 GPM Darley fire pump, and a polished aluminum tank. Call or email Firovac to get a tanker suited to your department’s needs! 

Apple Creek, Ohio has been delivered a Firovac 2600 gallon Hawk. The chassis is a Western Star 4700SF. The unit comes with full High Side Compartment with roll up doors on one side and Power Portable Tank Bracket with two 3000 gallon drop tanks on the other side as well as transverse rear compartment, SCBA bottle/wheel chock compartment.    

Van, West Virginia has been delivered a Firovac 2600 gallon Hawk QP with 1000 GPM Darley pump on September 6, 2019.  The unit comes with an extended cab, 3 air operated water valves, high side hose storage and channel board for tool mounting, Power Portable Tank Bracket with American flag decal and two drop tanks.

Hauser Lake Fire Protection District in Idaho has been delivered a modified Firovac Hawk QP unit all built on a military M1088 chassis. Powered by a CAT C7 330-hp engine and an Allison MD3070 transmission this unit fights fires with a Hydraulic driven Darley HM500 GPM Unibody fire pump and Model 500 Vacuum pump with Pump and Roll. A 2000-gallon aluminum tank, a power down portable bracket containing a 2100-gallon drop tank and four sections of 6” quick couple hose, there are plenty of resources for firefighting needs. Also sports an Akron “Fire Fox Forestry”, style 3462, Bumper Turret, hose reel, and manual pull down tool board for easy access to equipment.

The Dewittville New York VFD located on the east shore of Lake Chautauqua has a lot of water but no pressure hydrant system. A Firovac enables them to quickly and efficiently tap into the surrounding water with ease. The 3000 gallon system on an FL 112 conventional chassis has three 6" air operated water valves providing large capacity flow rates in drafting or discharging water. It also has 72+ cubic feet of compartment space, a Firovac power swing down portable tank bracket with 2 drop tanks, 48' of 6" quick couple hose and large capacity floating strainer. 

Taking a close look at their delivered vacuum tanker discharging water through 36' of 6" hose and Firovac's HV-FS High Volume Floating Strainer from a bridge deck at Dewittville NY. 

Tri Community VFD in Townsend, Ohio's second Firovac tanker features a 2250 Polished Aluminum vacuum tank. It also has a Darly 500gpm fire pump, 3 air operated water valves, and a power Zico portable tank bracket with portable tank.