Training is Essential


Kudos to Lee Adams, Chief Jon Adams, Russia Fire department, the Ohio Tanker Task Force and all others involved in a Region 3 water supply exercise March 20, 2022. It was well planned, and valuable information resulted. Some of the objectives were:


  1. Departments working together
  2. Non-vacuum and vacuum units working together
  3. High volume water shuttle simulating an unusual fire incident
  4. Utilization of multiple dumping and drafting sites to support a second "dual pump" fire attack site supplying a 2,000 GPM ladder tower and an engine.
  5. Integration of an industrial private fire pump system with a drafting engine for high volume tanker filling, utilizing a "dual pump" LDH shared supply.
  6. Identification and mitigation of "bottlenecks" in a rural water delivery system.
In this exercise to protect a large commercial structure, the water source was an industrial hydrant with an industrial fire pump which supplied 2 pumpers each of which could supply 2 non-vacuum units at a time. It also supplied a portable tank from which the vacuum tankers loaded resulting in no down time for the supply pumpers.
Two dump sites with 2 pumpers at each site supplied a remotely located aerial and pumper. According to Lee Adams calculations, 15 Departments from 5 Counties with 12 tankers flowed just over 2,000 GPM.
For big fires you need big water.