NOVFA class

Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen's Association (NOVFA) each year conduct fire related classes, such as officer development, agricultural accidents and methamphetamine labs, at Bowling Green State University.  "Mutual/automatic Aid Tanker Shuttle" taught by the Water Delivery Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Ohio Fire Chief's Association the past several years has conducted classroom and hands on sessions.  Various scenarios, valuable information and things to consider are presented.

This year Chief Jim Delman from Sunset Heights, Ohio spoke of his experiences with vacuum.  Belmont County is active in education and water movement because of the rural area they serve.  Chief Delman conducts numerous tanker task force trainings in his area.  One slide he presents is:

"It is important for departments to be able to obtain water from sources other than hydrants on the fire ground, and to be able to operate a tanker shuttle to provide adequate water for fire ground operations.  This skill is not limited to rural applications and may be necessary to supplement pressurized water systems."