vacuum fire apparatus
Longevity - 09.10.15

Lupton, MI had been using a vacuum unit as a tanker before they replaced it in 1987 with a Firovac.


They were able to get water from a creek they previously could not use.


In 2003 they up-graded the compartments and added 3 air operated valves.


The unit continues to provide reliable superior service.


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Vacuum truck returns
Back Home - 09.02.15

In 1984 when New Pittsburg, Ohio fire department retro fit their 1971 International Loadstar chassis with a vacuum unit it was "not so much for the water it provides but for the personnel it saves".  The unit has just been retired after almost 30 years of work horse service because of the inability to get parts for the chassis brake system.  The doors from the original unit were incorperated... Read More

Water Source




Morrisvale, WV's water supply is small mountain streams ar even ditches.  On 11-18-14 loading with a Firovac High Volume strainer with pan allows the strainer to set on the bottom of the stream to capture as much water as possible with NO cavitation or loading debris.






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"Once firefighters understand & know how a vacuum tanker works, they will buy one." Quote from a fireman at the '86 West Virginia State Fireman's Convention.

Because of it's versatility, Firovac may seem complicated but it isn't. In reality it is easy to operate.

1. Operating from the cab, arrive at the "dump site" and open the air... Read More


Click or copy the above link for a summary of the Southern West Virginia Water Shuttle conducted in October 2014.  Maximum efficiency, minimum manpower!

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Have it your way - 07.17.14



Morrisvale, WV used a whiteboard to design a truck specific to their needs.









First it needed to be a vacuum apparatus to continue the efficient tanker operations required by a small rural department with limited resources.









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Hayesville Refurb - 07.16.14

Replacement of a 1998 stainless steel water tank that had been repaired several times but continued to seep due to MIC (microbiological induced corrosion).  There is no crack but the seepage occurs in the weld areas and re-welding often does not stop it.  Fire pump system was unchanged.











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Firovac High Volume-Low Level Strainer



Firovac Invented this Strainer (pictured to the right) to Accomodate the Large Volume of Water it Produces both in Transfer and Draft Rates. This NEW Strainer DOES NOT MOVE from the Floor of a Portable Tank when Drafting!Even with High Volumes of Water, this Strainer Stays in Place!

** Initial Test Results Show: 1,600 GPM+ when... Read More

2014 Demonstrator - 02.17.14

2014 Demonstrator:

Vacuum pump, 460 cfm continuous duty, 8 vanes, 5 year warranty, tanper proof oiler, oil catch muffler, flush valve, fan cooled and shroulded.  It has a positive primary and secondary shut off system, clutch shift PTO, belt driven from the PTO for pump protection, electric actuated, over speed protection.

Water tank is 3000 gallon polished aluminum with a 1/2"... Read More

Vacuum tanker loading from "ditch"
Sterling at Seville - 07.17.13

"Seville's tanker was back in the drive near the actual fire supplying their pumper.  Next in was Westfield with their tanker and they supplied Seville with their tanker.  Chief Winkler had asked me to run water supply, however, at that time, they were not flowing much water.  There was a dry hydrant no more than 1/2 a mile away, so I had originally planned to keep our tanker and Canaan... Read More