Introducing NEW Firovac High Volume-Low Level Srainer

Firovac High Volume-Low Level Strainer
Competitors Strainer



Firovac Invented this Strainer (pictured to the right) to Accomodate the Large Volume of Water it Produces both in Transfer and Draft Rates. This NEW Strainer DOES NOT MOVE from the Floor of a Portable Tank when Drafting!Even with High Volumes of Water, this Strainer Stays in Place!

** Initial Test Results Show: 1,600 GPM+ when Drafting with a 1,500 GPM Pumper and 1,500 GPM with a Jet Siphon Transfer through a Single Line.








So, Why Fight to Keep your Strainer from Rising in the Portable Tank when Trying to Draft? Especially, when trying to do so at Increased Volume Rates!

(Competitor's Strainers pictured to the right).








More information will be forth coming from tests performed by third party organizations.