Demonstrator Update and 2021 Plans

Because of Covid, many activities and shows were canceled in 2020.

Organiziations are hopeful that more activities will be able to be done in 2021. Firovac has just completed a demonstration trip with our Demonstrator Unit going to Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

The pictures below are from our demonstration at Penitas, Texas. In them we are drafting from back channels of the Rio Grande River which the pumpers have difficulty drafting from because of water turbulence causing pumps to lose prime and cavitate.

This Demonstrator Unit has been sold, but if you are interested in our demonstrator program respond through this website, call us at 800-796-2588, or email at

Future activities for the year of 2021 currently include:

Missouri Summer Fire School: May 19-23 

New York Chief: July 14-17

FDIC: August 2-7

Firehouse Expo: September 18-19