Delivery to Newald Volunteer Fire Department, WI

Delivery to Newald Volunteer Fire Department, Wisconsin

Back in 2006 we Refurbished and Installed a Vacuum System on this 1989 Ward LaFrance/International Unit for Owego, NY Fire Station.

And as this unit has done good for the Department they decided to replace this unit with a new Firovac unit this past year! So while preparing to bring its NEW Firovac Unit into the Station, they wanted us to help them find "Daisy" a new home! So, in mid August 2017 we posted this unit for sale on our Website and Facebook page and it was not long after that, that we received a call from the Newald Fire Department located in Wisconsin asking us, "What do we need to do? We want that truck."

The Tank is a 2,400 Gallon Interior Coated Steel Tank with an Aluminum Body with 3 Air Operated Valves, and the original Hale 1250 GPM Fire Pump. It includes a High Side Compartment on the Driver's Side and a Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with two (2) 3,000 Gallon Portable Tanks, Cross Lays, a Hose Reel and Top Hose Bed and Heat Patches have been newly installed! This Water Tank's Warranty against rust (Corrosion) Perferation is Good Until 2021.

This morning she is headed to her new home in Newald, Wisconsin!

Congratulations Newald Fire Department on your Purchase!