Central Fire's Energizer Bunny

It's the energizer bunny; the evolution of #92.

The original unit was on a 1989 Ford LN 8000, a 2,000 gallon Firovac unit built as Demonstrator #2. Sold in 1991 to then Smithville VFD.

Repaired in 2001 after "falling" into a ditch.

Refurbished in 2004 (outside repaint, inside recoat, updated).

Presently, Smithville VFD is now Central Fire District. In 2020 #92 gets a department-supplied KW T300 chassis, new aluminum compartments, new water valves with valve house, electrical/lighting/level indicator upgrades, and Firovac Portable Tank Bracket.

She is ready for her next 20 years. We enjoy working with our customers and trying to give them what they want.