2014 Demonstrator

2014 Demonstrator:

Vacuum pump, 460 cfm continuous duty, 8 vanes, 5 year warranty, tanper proof oiler, oil catch muffler, flush valve, fan cooled and shroulded.  It has a positive primary and secondary shut off system, clutch shift PTO, belt driven from the PTO for pump protection, electric actuated, over speed protection.

Water tank is 3000 gallon polished aluminum with a 1/2" bottom and 5/16" heads with proprietary interior coating with two 9# anode bars, lighted water level indicators, patent designed internal vent specifically for fire service, patent designed baffles with no flat surfaces to control inertial forces, 2 full length 7" wide skids, interior reinforcing rings and 15 year pro-rated corrosion (rust) performance warranty, lifetime leak,

Water valves located one each side/front and one in rear are air operated butterfly valves with positive closure and indicators in cab.  They have quick couple fittings.

Fire pump is 750 Hale PTO driven with "pump and roll" capacity and 2.5" and 3" valves.

Compartments are Poly, one each side in front of the rear wheels and a transverse rear compartment.  The enclosed hose compartment is the length of the tank on each side, each containing two 15' sections of 6" hose with quick couple fittings.

Power drop tank bracket is a Firovac that contains 2- 3500 gallon drop tanks.

Loose goods included are quick couple PVC dump chute, 6 x 2.5" adapter with droop, dry hydrant adapter, fire pump adapter and low level strainer with detachable pan and quick couple fitting.

The only apparatus on the market with a performance guarantee, it also has a zero loss ISO rating and is NFPA compliant.