Rural Water Movement from static source
Tankers were dispatched according to mutual aid protocol. 2150 GPM flow rate was sustained for 1 hour. Peak flow rate was 2250 GPM.   When undertaking a training of this magnitude, it can often turn into a cluster with many inefficiencies.  Thanks to careful planning by Chief Austin, Coordinator Fereebee and all who participated, everything went well. The only back up was at the dump site, which is unusual but speaks well of the 5 fill sites and good set up.
1500 GPM pumper at 1100 GPM dry hydrant
NOVFA's Water Movement Class (actually a tender shuttle) at the Fire School on March 11, 2017 showed the verstility in the region. There are several vacuum tankers mixed in with non-vacuum tankers in this area. The Water Supply Tactical Advisory Committee along with ISO showcased this versatility in setting up the class. The 1500 GPM pumper from Kalida was at the fill site loading both vacuum and non-vacuum tankers. The dry hydrant capacity, however, was only 1100 GPM.     A 1250 GPM pumper from Grand Rapids was at the unload (fire) site applying water. Mathematics...
2850 Gallon Raven on an International 7400 chassis
  New Delivery to Pickerel VFC in Pickerel, WI. They chose our base model: a Raven, with a 2850 Gallons on an International 7400 Chassis and a Firovac Power Fold Down Portable Tank Bracket that holds TWO drop tanks as an option.  With minimal cabinetry, and no fire pump, our Raven Model is priced competitively with similar conventional units while still delivering twice the efficiency as any conventional ever will. CALL US TODAY FOR DETAILS!!
The following excerpt, written by Charlie Clark,  and is taken from a message board on : The TFT low level strainer/jet siphon using a one inch orifice consumes 364 GPM from a fire pump when transferring water from one dump tank to another @150 psi. This can be confirmed by consulting published charts of flows from variaous orifice sizes at various pressures. The Belmont Tanker Task Force in eastern Ohio did a study (Spring 2016) of jet siphon efficiency. They tested the TFT jet siphon with several others. They used a truck scales...
Got Big Water Class
Loading from a pond at Got Big Water's Class October 1 & 2 in Onondaga County New York.  For more information go to
Demonstration at Plainville VFD, NY
Demonstration in June at Plainville VFD, NY loading from approximately a 130' dry hydrant not often used by the department.
The answer to the above question is, YES! And to make it more efficient and provide a better pool of water to adequately supply Firovac's large load volume, a simple rock dam could be constructed. The versatility of Firovac is limited only by Imagination.
Demonstration at East Mead, Pa
While loading from a pond at a campground,  Chief asked if Firovac could load from the creek beside the pond. (See above picture.)
Set up staged at local farm provided in and out drives.
1100 GPM flow rate was maintained by South Central's 1250 GPM Pumper from primary portable tank.       Set up staged at local farm provided in and out drives.                       Water sources were dry hydrants approximately 1 mile north and 1 mile south.           Approximate distance from dry hydrant head to pond was 150 feet.                   5 Firovac vacuum tankers were involved:   South Central (Fredericksburg) - 1850 gallon   Wooster Township - 1500 gallon   Apple Creek 103 - 2000 gallon   Paint Township - 2000 gallon   Apple Creek 108 - 2000 gallon  
Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen's Association (NOVFA) each year conduct fire related classes, such as officer development, agricultural accidents and methamphetamine labs, at Bowling Green State University.  "Mutual/automatic Aid Tanker Shuttle" taught by the Water Delivery Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Ohio Fire Chief's Association the past several years has conducted classroom and hands on sessions.  Various scenarios, valuable information and things to consider are presented. This year Chief Jim Delman from Sunset Heights, Ohio spoke of his experiences with vacuum.  Belmont...