Firovac by Reberland Equipment Inc. is Honored to Announce our Newest Firovac Dealer:   Elite Emergency Lighting & Warning Equipment ​112 South Pike Road Suite 100 Sarver, Pennsylvania 16055   Elite will be serving the State of Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Give them a call at 724-502-0185 for all of your Vacuum Fire Apparatus Needs!   Elite has been serving customers for 20 years and they are a great addition to our Firovac Team!  
Delivery to Newald Volunteer Fire Department, Wisconsin
Back in 2006 we Refurbished and Installed a Vacuum System on this 1989 Ward LaFrance/International Unit for Owego, NY Fire Station. And as this unit has done good for the Department they decided to replace this unit with a new Firovac unit this past year! So while preparing to bring its NEW Firovac Unit into the Station, they wanted us to help them find "Daisy" a new home! So, in mid August 2017 we posted this unit for sale on our Website and Facebook page and it was not long after that, that we received a call from the Newald Fire Department located in Wisconsin asking us, "What do we need...
Firovac by Reberland Equipment Inc. is honored to announce the LaFrance Equipment Corporation, 516 Erie St Elmira NY 14904 as a new dealer/service center for South Central New York and North Central Pennsylvania.  Give them a call at 607-733-5511 for all your service needs and sales for vacuum apparatus.  They have been serving customers for 69 years and are a good addition to our Firovac team. For Additional Information Please Visit their Website:
Got Big Water - Strainer Test
Got Big Water Strainer Test. Visit their website for more details! According to their website, the strainers are placed in order of Lowest (left) to Highest (right), Tested Flow Rates based on RPM's. Firovac's HV-LL Strainer is on the far right!    
John Glenn Columbus International Airport
Firovac at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport.
Firovac Vacuum Demonstration
With Firovac's High Volume Floating Strainer and Detachable Pan, Loading can be done from Low Level Streams with Solid Platforms. An Air Leak will not Cavitate the Pump and Loading will Continue.                                 Loading From the River Through 48' of 6" Hose.                                                                 Loading from a Bridge with Vertical Lift through a Dry Hydrant set up constructed by the Canajoharie Fire Department.  
Imitated but Not Duplicated
One of Firovac's exclusive features is a special interior coating trademarked Firokote which protects the aluminum from corrostion.  Also used are two (2) nine pound anode bars for electrolysis to work on.           The top pictures show white (aluminum) corrosion on uncoated aluminum tanks.                     The bottom picture shows a 16 year old Firovac coated aluminum tank.             IMITATED BUT NOT DUPLICATED
We will be demonstrating in outdoor spaces at the New York and New England shows.  Stop by and see amazing water load/unload rates from a drop tank as well as our High Volume Floating Strainer (HVFS) and High Volume Low Level (HVLL) strainer designed for high volume water flows for drafting and transferring.
Rural Water Movement from static source
April 9, 2017 Marlboro Township VFD invited neighboring departments to  a static water movement training in an area that normally uses nurse tanker operations.  There was a massive response, wich speaks to the interest in this method of rural water supply.
Rural Water Movement from static source
The stated goal was to flow 2000gpm and practice how to best work together on a large fire. Working from the Walborn Reservoir, thee fill sites were used with 1250 gpm pumpers to load non-vacuum tankers at not over 100psi so as not to damage anyones tanker.  Notice the amount of equipment and personnel this takes.   Picture compliments of Stark FDRU via Dave Schalosser.