A frequently asked question concerning Firovac is "On your vac/pumpers is it possible to fill the tank at a draft site while at the same time as pumping into another truck?" The answer is: We do not set our units up to do that for the following reason, Although it could possibly work for a short period of time, eventually the vacuum pump will overcome the fire pump and it will cavitate the fire pump. A fire pump functions at 15-16 inches of mercury and the vacuum pump goes up to 25-27 inches of mercury. Cavitation of a fire pump will destroy the impeller. Furthermore, a more efficient way to...
The Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska just signed a contract for a Vacuum Rescue Pumper for the Butte Fire Department. Because the two previous Firovac tankers purchased in 2012 and 2015 have had great performance requiring no repairs (unlike the other apparatus in the district) the firefighters designed this rescue pumper. Firovac-Reberland has also been set up to be a sole source supplier of apparatus.
One of the Town of Owego used tankers has been sold but there is still one tanker available. The flyer below includes pictures and details. If you or anyone you know would be interested in these units please contact us at 1-800-796-2588 or
Kudos to this city chief for having the foresight to supplement the city water system for a fire in an industrial building. Not only does this improve efficiency and supplies much needed water - but it reduces city water usage. The city ladder truck’s water supply was from a city hydrant. Three portable tanks supplied by tankers were used for a mutual aid pumper’s water supply. The tankers drafted water from a nearby river. Additionally, two vacuum tankers were drafting from a river and alternately dumping into a portable tank to supply a mutual aid engine. They were able to supply 900 gpm...
Firovac is pleased to announce the addition of Pisarro Fire Truck Sales & Service and FESCO Emergency Services to our growing list of dealers! FESCO will be covering the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and DC area while Pisarro will be covering the New Jersey area. If you are in these areas and looking for an apparatus to meet your departments needs contact one of our new dealers! Meanwhile, you can check us out on 
Rural Water Supply class taught by Jason Estep & Douglas Estep. Are you going to it?
Firefighters "Learn elements of rural water movement" article in the Coal Valley News. Subsequent pictures show how a vacuum fire truck from Van VFD drafts water from "Big Coal River" through 84' of suction hose with 10' verticle lift to supply water to drop tanks for a "Pumper" truck to use on a simulated fire. The link to the article & more on the 2-day class follows:
The Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department hosted a Rural Water Movement training at its facility on Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020. It was taught by Captain Jason Estep of the Morrisvale Volunteer Fire Department. He was assisted in training by retired Morrisvale Cheif Doug Estep and Van Volunteer Fire Department Chief Gary "Droop" Howell. See the pictures in the Coal Valley News here:
Lord willing & the creek don't rise, come see our Firovac units at  Wayne County Regional Fire School New Location. Wayne County Regional Training Facility 2725 S. Millbourne Rd. Apple Creek, Ohio 44606  September 26th & 27th, 2020
Expansion id completed
We are happy to open our expansion area to meet our customers needs. It also gives us room to social distance.