Why Are There Not More Vacuums Around?

Recent asked question by a fire deartment. "If Firovac has been around for 30+ years, why are there not more of them around?

Let me respond with several questions: How long did it take fire service to accept Storz fittings, diesel engines or "milk trucks"  as tanker/tenders?

Why does fire service say about itself  "Fifty years of tradition unmarked by progress"?  

Why do we say "We've never done it this way before"?

Why are we afraid to do something different from neighboring departments?

Although vacuum apparatus works like the primer system on every other fire truck, its function is not understood when getting water without the "fire" pump, although it is much more simple.  Its forte is in urban/rural areas where there are many volunteers that don't work in fire situations every day or even every month.  Therefore, they may be uncomfortable with it until they operate it.

Service is in question as many dealers do not offer a vacuum unit.  Firovac has many strategic mobile service areas.  Just as the vacuum system is simple to operate, it is also simple to service and built for long, low maintance use.  As one dealer put it "Its bullet proof."

It is not built by a large company.  As someone pointed out to a fire chief once: a small company is usually easier to work with, has better customer service and is more willing to please because their business needs this to survive.

I think you will find our list of customers will provide a positive reference.  Call us or respond here with questions you may have or to receive a CD with more information and list of references.