Lifetime Warranties Discussion

Some time ago Info World had an article on warranties, especially those termed “lifetime”. We would like to pull up some interesting quotes from the article.

“SMC Networks’ definition of lifetime as being only while the product is on the active SMC price list.”

“vendors have the right to determine what the practical definition of the product’s life time should be.”

 “The lifetime issue… has always been decided by the vendor, or other authority, in all walks of life.”

“a warranty for life has no more meaning than the vendor chooses to give it.”

“It turned out that one manufacturer defined lifetime as being until the product failed – that’s right, it was warranted not to fail prior to actually failing!”

“few states, such as California, have fairly strict consumer protection laws that in some cases mandate at least a three-year product lifetime.”

“And Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines suggest that those companies advertising a lifetime warranty for their products might be guilty of deceptive practices if the advertisement is not worded in such a way as to make it clear what lifetime is intended.”

“we have only ourselves to blame if vendors can thrive with warranty practices we don’t like.”

“In short, why on earth should vendors bother dealing fairly as long as they can continue to make greater profits dealing unfairly?”

These are some quotes that we pulled from the article that goes to show that warranties may not be everything we think they are.  Take this chance to discuss in the comment section below. We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter.