What Kind of Trucks does Firovac Build?

We primarily build Vacuum Apparatus.

Vacuum Apparatus can do ANYTHING a conventional apparatus can do, but, the Vacuum Apparatus can then go beyond in its performance to the next level of water supply.

The Following Units can be Built:

  • Tankers
  • Tankers with Portable Pumps or Transfer Pumps
  • Tanker/Pumpers with Fire Pumps. 

Fire Pumps can range from 500-1250 GPM.

Water Tanks can range from 1000-4000 Gallons and are commonly constructed of polished aluminum with a reinforced 1/2" bottom.

Compartments rang from the Basic 2 Lower Compartments to Additional High Side Compartments.

All Firovac Units are Custom Built to meet your Department's Needs!

Some Other Features are Foam Systems and Bumper Turrets, along with many other options.

We have built Class A Conventional Pumpers and Vacuum Pumpers as well as Grass and Brush Fire Units.