Some May Say, "I Heard these Vacuum Units are Rock Suckers."

Because of the Well-Known Drafting Capability of Vacuum Units, this is an area to investigate.

A Pumper or Pond Pumper with a "big" (1000 GPM+) Fire Pump has the same potential when it drafts. Standard SOP's, good training, and evaluations of static water sources, as well as proper selection and use of strainers is important in all scenarios. Placing the strainer in a debris-free area with sufficient water depth is required. Non-Floating Barrell Strainers can easily load sand, debris and rocks.

This is why Firovac has Designed and Patented a Floating Low-Flow Strainer with a Detachable Pan.

One Strainer can Effectively be used in ALL applications including a Solid Bottom Stream or Lake.