How does a Firovac Unit Operate?

The Vacuum Pump and water valves are controlled by switches with indicators inside the cab. 


  • Open the desired valve
  • Put Pump on Pressure
  • Bring PTO to desired rating, the pump has an over speed feature. PTO speed is controlled by engine RPM
  • When Unloaded, Decrease the RPM's
  • Put Pump in Neutral
  • Close Valve


  • Put Pump on Vacuum
  • Connect Hose
  • Open Valve
  • Bring PTO to desired rating
  • When Loaded, decrease the RPM's
  • Put Pump in Neutral
  • Close Valve
  • Vent Hose to Remove Easil.

If the unit has a Fire Pump, it is controlled like any fire pump from outside the cab at a driver side pump panel.

Pump is PTO Driven, tank vent automatically opens when pump is engaged.