Do I Have to do Anything Different or Learn Something New with Operating This Unit?

You do not have to do anything different, if you want to continue as you are now.

However, if you want to increase the water supply to the fire, then there are several simple things to be done!

By using a Drop Tank (Portable Water Tank), which is like having another truck in the system (only much less expensive), the water supply system can become more efficient and versatile!

1. At a Fill Site: Set a Drop Tank off to the side of a Pumper or Low Flow Hydrant and fill it when not filling Gravity Dump Tankers. Firovac can load from the Drop Tank through 6" hose instead of 2.5" or 3" hose. This will also reduce congestion or waiting in line to load. This will IMPROVE the EFFICIENCY of the Fill Site from 70% to 90%.

2. At a Dump Site: Set a Drop Tank at the Pumper (Instead of "Nursing" it).

        This Serves Two Purposes:

  • To Provide a Water Reserve for the Pumper.
  • To Allow the Tanker to Get More Water Quicker. (Parked Trucks DO NOT Move Water).

3. Think Outside the Box:

  • Save Driving Time by Getting Water from Closer Static Sources Instead of Driving Extra Distances back to Town or to a Hydrant
  • "Relay Dumping"