Is there a Firovac in your Station?

Firovac built their very first vacuum unit for fire service back in 1985 for New Pittsburg Fire & Rescue located in Wooster, Ohio. That was over 30 years ago!

We would love to hear how many of you have a Firovac Unit in your Department's Station and how long it has been in service serving your community!

And if your department does not have a Firovac, tell us, what's holding you back?



My department does not have a Firovac unit but I'm very intrigued by them. Our response area covers a largely rural area and I have no doubt that a Firovac unit would make a major difference in our ability to move water. Funding is the thing holding my department back.

Hi nkelp!

Thanks for your response!

I have on file that you stopped by our lot at FDIC in 2014 and I am sure since then you have probably stopped by since during FDIC week! Did you happen to swing through this year and see our Demo 8 Unit?

Many people are interested with our Firovac Vacuum System but many times it seems as though lack of funding and the different concept tends to hold departments back.

Have you ever heard the saying “Cheap Equipment isn’t Good and Good Equipment isn’t Cheap.” ? Well, here at Firovac we believe that saying through and through! Here at Firovac we build trucks to meet the needs of the department and the area it serves! From the Chassis to the Body and Additional Options/Equipment our Units are built to last and are built to help departments get MORE WATER, FASTER and EFFICIENT all while requiring LESS MAN POWER than your typical systems.

We built our very first Firovac Vacuum Unit back in 1985 and we can honestly say that our Trucks out there have needed very little or no work other than your normal servicing. And because of that, there is very little market in Used Firovac Units! Every once in a while, a Department that is ready to upgrade or maybe their area has populated and has turned into a Hydrant town will contact us and see if we know of anyone looking for a used Firovac and we have helped them place them! That could be an option!

Have you/your department ever seen an actual Demonstration done with a Firovac? If not, would there be interest in one? We have pictures and videos of water movements, classes, and demonstrations that we have done over the years posted here on our website. Ones that show Long Hose Lays, Vertical Lifts, Loading water from sources people would not think of or would not believe.

Our Vacuum System has helped many small rural areas and if we could help your department we would love to!

For additional information or product brochures/cds please email us at: or call Mr. Larry Reber here at the office 1-800-796-2588 Ext. 104



I haven't seen a firsthand demo but I would be interested in that. I am a firm believer in getting quality equipment even it's a little more expensive. We just had to replace our rescue truck and a new engine is on the docket next for us.

Nkelp - we plan to have Demo 8 until we deliver it to the purchasing Deparment which is planning to happen late August/early September. If you would like to schedule a Demo before then please call our Office to speak with Mr. Larry Reber (800) 796-2588. 

A lot of times departments/committees will decide to purchase a unit that costs less up front, not always taking into consideration what all features it may/may not have, the level of performance it offers AND sustain, along with the long term costs of servicing/maintenance, and repairs. Firovac offers more features/options on our units, the ability to perform at a level unlike others, and over time, it's annual costs will average out to costing less then our competitors!

Would it be possible to have the demo down on August 11th sometime in the afternoon? Our station's address is 231 E. Main St. Nashville, IN 47448.

NKELP: could you please call in to the office here to speak to Mr. Larry Reber, as of now, August 11th is open. Do you know if there would be any more interest from other area Departments on attending a Demo? We are also going to reach out to other Indiana Contacts to see if we can get some other Demo's Scheduled in order to make the Trip. Larry's Office Number: 800-796-2588 Ext. 104

Thank you!